The Sukha Gomukha fund is a non-profit entity seeking to spread awareness, invoke action, and raise funds to promote the widespread adoption of the idea that if people take care of all conscious species, human beings will experience a much greater quality of life with much less modern-day disease, anxiety, stress, depression, and war.

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Sukha Gomukha

It takes $5.00 a day per cow to run the sanctuary. We need to raise more money to save more animals. Please join us in supporting Lakshmi and other sanctuaries like it!

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Happy Cows

Meet Dr. Sankar Sastri! He retired in 1999 and started Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary. All of the cows on the sanctuary were saved from slaughterhouse auctions or cases of abuse and neglect..

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Coins for Cows

A fun new way to help and get the kids involved!! Please consider helping these beautiful animals with a donation! All you need is an old jar and a Sukha Gomukha sticker!