We at Sukha Gomukha believe that the way we as a culture treat the animals that we count on for our own health and welfare has a direct affect on our health and welfare.

If it’s true that “what goes ‘round, comes ‘round”, then this relationship must be showing up in our lives in ways we may never have thought of.

It makes sense to us that the prevalence of breast cancer and very likely other cancers has to do with our disregard for the welfare of cows. The way the young are separated from their mothers may have something to do with the number of broken homes and foster children there are in America.

Cows, chickens pigs and turkeys are horribly mistreated for the sake of production, efficiency and keeping costs down. By any standard of decency, how these animals are treated on most farms, feed lots and slaughter houses would be considered abuse. For some reason we are numb to this mistreatment.

Michael Vick, a professional football player has been in the news recently. He is getting “a second chance” to play ball again after doing time for the mistreatment of dogs. He used them in a dog fighting business he was once involved with. His mistreatment of the dogs is comparable to how the majority of farm animals are treated.

We are destroying our home by cutting down the rainforests to grow beef. Those animals make a huge contribution to the green house gasses that are causing global warming.

Sukha Gomukha is attempting to get us as a culture to stop looking the other way when it comes to this mistreatment of livestock and the planet. While we personally think it would be better to stop eating these animals and change how we view dairy production, we recognize that many aren’t ready for that.

This effort to create space for cows to be well treated when they are done with their working life is an attempt to get all of us to think in a more humane way about these animals that sacrifice much more in our pursuit of happiness then dogs or cats do. It makes sense to us that they all be well treated. We believe the by-product of this way of thinking would mean longer, happier and more healthy lives for people too.


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