How does this benefit me?
Could it be possible that the ills people experience may have something to do with how we treat other living beings such as animals? Could it be that if we were to consider the plight of the cow for milk production we could see that our supporting their mistreatment might have something to do with seeing high rates of breast cancer & families being split up in our own world? How do we make the necessary changes to reverse these problems in our own lives?
Let’s take a look at the normal production life of a dairy cow. What does that typically look like?
The female cow is artificially inseminated to produce a calf, this starts milk production in the mother.
At birth the baby cow is taken from the mother.
The mother lives in a controlled, uncomfortable environment with other cows for the sole purpose of producing the maximum amount of milk for distribution.
When she stops producing she is then slaughtered.
Not all dairy farms operate this way, but this is a typical description of the average farming activities.
What to do?
Sukha Gomukha would assert by taking care of these cows we ourselves will become healthier and happier.
It may seem a little self-serving but let’s look at what is actually happening. The cows become happier and those responsible for taking care of them also become happier in turn. Result: more happiness for everybody! We like to call this enlightened self-interest.
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